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Southwestern Systems, Inc. in Eckert, CO provides Western Colorado with professional sewer maintenance, inspections, and consulting services for contractors, developers, homeowner’s associations and municipal, commercial and industrial clients. The primary purpose of our business is to clean, locate and televise sewage water lines, irrigation lines, culverts and storm drains.

Jet Cleaning and More 

Our cameras enable us to televise and record most line sizes, which allows us to provide information about the condition of the pipes and determine position and location of service connection.  

We use our high-pressure jet machine, equipped with the appropriate nozzle, to clean any debris from the lines. Often times, we are called to locate water and sewer lines for cities and contractors. We are also able to locate and rehabilitate manholes.  

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Please understand that this is a brief description of the operation of Southwestern Systems, Inc. Feel free to call with any questions, and we will be happy to explain and/or go into greater detail on any area of concern. 


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